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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens

 Well, most of us are.

In the wake of Friday night's unspeakable atrocities in Paris, there have been suggestions that the Balaclan theatre has been attacked owing to its Jewish ownership; moreover, the American band Eagles of Death Metal had performed in Israel this summer in defiance of the BDSers: read more here

And if your French is up to it:

 Rough translation from the video:
"It's clear now, this is a message to the owners of the Bataclan. Take responsibility for your acts. This is a message to the organisers of Migdal, this pro-Israel and racist and Islamophobic organisation, that spends its time insulting the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims. You are going to pay for the consequences of your acts. You're doing something very serious. For all those who are worried about the consequences of this provocation. It's understood that it causes anger in the suburbs. We have come to send you a little message. Next time we're not coming to talk."
 Shocking video of attacks on Bataclan and people fleeing here, but it might take time to load.

Meanwhile, from the estimable Mudar Zahran, the London-based pro-Israel leader of the Jordanian opposition:

By contrast, predictable gobbledygook from Israel-haters, such as these.  Most if not all of them are lefties.

Free Gaza co-founder Mary Hughes-Thompson, in one of her numerous tweets oozing bile:

 Sydney feminist Pip Hinman:

And Irish anti-Israel activist Sean Clinton and friend:

At least Gorgeous George, seasoned old politico that he is, knows there's a time and a place for everything:

(But see my next post!)

Great article here:

 (Hat tip: Ian G.)

Another here:

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, the usual suspects are cock-a-hoop at the findings of a poll initiated by the lefty "Zionist" group Yachad in the UK, described here and elsewhere:

How very disappointing for them to find that the polling was fundamentally flawed, as Judy Keiner indicates here and as proclaimed below in the Manchester Jewish Telegraph, which notes separately:
"The poll commissioned by Yachad makes surprising reading. It concludes that British Jews had shown "feelings of despair" over Israel and that 75 per cent felt that the building of settlements was an obstacle to peace. The poll, conducted by a respected organisation, obviously used accepted scientific methods devised by psephologists, including a suitable sample. And we do not seek in any way to doubt the integrity of those involved.
Yet, an expert in the field has told the Jewish Telegraph that it appears to show bias. Statistics can always be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending upon who commissioned a poll, thus the oft-used phrase describing the persuasive use of numbers: 'Lies, damned lies and statistics'. In this case, 1,131 Jews were polled and yet we would hazard a guess that a straw poll of the community at all levels would not agree with Yachad's conclusions.
If the Jewish Telegraph's correspondence columns are anything to go by - and they tend to reflect fairly accurately the feelings of the northern and Scottish communities among which we circulate - readers have not expressed despair over Israel in the past 12 months or so and have not been overly critical of the state's settlements' policy."
(Hat tip: D.B.)

And London 7/7


  1. I've got to say I'm ambivalent. It's not as if we didn't warn them AND after the whole continent got together to exterminate all the Jews maybe they need to kill one another to the last man standing. Surrender or flee seems to be destiny of Europe now. And surrender is death.

    1. Europe is in dire straits, that's for sure. I wouldn't want to be a young person growing up there now.

  2. Sorry, if I don't agree.

    Europe this past week was busy applying new sanctions against Israel.

    It could care less about the well-being of its own inhabitants.

    I can't seem to get worked up over the human carnage in Paris.

    You of all people, should know better its all about priorities.

    I don't see the Paris massacre changing Europe's views on Israel and more importantly, on Islam.

    A society that can't resist a demographic influx of Muslims is not a society that can withstand the slaughter of its own citizens.

    As for France, cry me a river.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Norman. Please don't get me wrong. I share your views. My sympathies are with the victims and demographically-threatened Europe as a whole, not with the ghastly European governments who have betrayed their peoples. And, of course, the solidarity displayed by the world towards France for this atrocity is not demonstrated by the world towards Israel.

  3. Waleed Aly's convert wife Susan Carland is donating $1 to UNICEF for every hateful tweet she receives. She must be up to at least $500,000 just for today!


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