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Monday, 2 June 2014

"A Big Thank You To Israel For Helping Injured Civilians From Syria": One man & his sign at a London anti-Assad rally (video)

It's hard not to harbour a soft spot for this guy, whom we've encountered more than once on video, and to fret for his safety.  For this young pro-Israel Londoner of Iraqi/Iranian parentage goes where the faint-hearted fear to tread.

In the introduction to this latest video he explains:
"I went to Trafalgar Square with a couple of friends to see how big the anti-Assad protest would be. More importantly I wanted to see their reaction to my presence (with my sign and flag). A little flag can make so much noise! From being called a racist (typical) to a member of the Saddam Hussein school, of course the Palestinian 'refugee' playing the victim card, blaming Israel for his supposed plight.. Everyone was so angry at what I had, which was a sign saying 'A big thank you to Israel for helping injured civilians from Syria'."

While on the subject of Syria, Peter Martino writes:
"....During the past three years, thousands of young Islamic immigrants from France, Germany, Britain and all other European countries, as well as young Western Islamic converts, have gone to Syria, where they trained to be killing machines. Some of them have returned home, where they now constitute the biggest threat to domestic security in decades.
French authorities were able to capture [Mehdi] Nemmouche [the captured Brussels Jewish Museum shooting suspect] within a week because they had his name on a list of returned Syria fighters. Having his name on a list of jihadists, however, was not able prevent him from committing murder in neighboring Belgium.....
The ease with which Nemmouche was able to carry out his assault has frightened many all over Europe. How is it possible that this man, who was known to be a terrorism risk, could acquire an automatic rifle and take the weapon into the Jewish Museum? Why had he not been followed? Obviously such a practice is not feasible for all criminals, but for known jihadists? Had his phone and internet chats been tapped? It would be also be helpful, albeit unfortunately, if owners of buildings seemingly at risk invested in security guards and metal detectors for their entrances.
There are also political questions. Why had Nemmouche even been allowed to return to France after his stay in Syria?....
The problem affects not only European countries. American and Australian Muslims are also known to have travelled to Syria to join jihadist groups fighting the Assad regime. Russia is also familiar with the problem: more than a year ago, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, warned that the return of Russian Syria fighters will pose a terrorist threat.
It remains to be seen in what way the Western authorities react to this threat. So far, the signs are not encouraging. The Belgian authorities used -- or rather abused -- the murderous attack in Brussels to indoctrinate the public with multiculturalist propaganda.
Last week, for example, Brussels school children were given special lessons to warn against anti-Semitism and racism. The way to combat this, Yvan Mayeur, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, said, was "to give room to the many cultures and religions in Europe." He said that his city needed more "diversity." But diversity does not mean diversity any more. Diversity is now the new code word for more Islam. Other politicians advocated punishing "hate crimes" more severely. But hate crime does not mean hate crime any more. It is now the politically-correct European "newspeak" code word for criticism of Islam.
So, rather than arming itself against the Islamist threat, the West still remains blind to the threat, while terrorists such as Merah and Nemmouche carry on killing Jews -- and others."
 See Martino's entire article here


  1. He made it onto Israeli TV!
    Orim Shimshon, Television Star
    Orim Shimshon interviewed on Israel's Channel 2 News

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