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Sunday 13 January 2013

Jews Far More Likely Than Muslims To Experience Hate Crimes In America

An online article by David J. Rusin examines FBI statistics for hate-crimes over the period 2002-2011 directed against Jews. Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, and gays in the United States.  It concludes:

'Of the five main minority groups discussed above, Jews were most likely to experience hate crimes, with 14.8 incidents per 100,000 Jews annually. Homosexuals and bisexuals (combined) came next (11.5), followed by blacks (6.7), Muslims (6.0), and Hispanics (1.1). Rates for majority whites and Christians were much smaller.
With hate crimes befalling Muslims far less often than they do Jews or homosexuals and bisexuals and slightly less often than they befall blacks, it is clear that anti-Muslim incidents are disproportionate to those targeting other minorities only in terms of the hype generated on their behalf....
As the usual voices fault “our oversaturated Islamophobic environment” and “growing anti-Muslim hate,” they neglect to mention how rare it is for an actual or perceived Muslim to die in a hate crime. By the FBI’s count, 74 people were killed in hate crimes (“murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” in Table 4) from 2002 to 2011, but not a single one in an anti-Muslim incident. Indeed, the FBI lists no anti-Muslim fatalities since 1995, corresponding to the earliest report available.
Why do Islamists obfuscate? The false picture of an epidemic of physical assaults on Muslims distracts Americans from Islamist hatred and enshrines Muslims as the country’s leading victim class, a strategy intended to intimidate citizens into remaining quiet about Islamic supremacism and lay the groundwork for granting Muslims special privileges and protections at the expense of others. In short, anti-Muslim hate crimes are a powerful Islamist weapon.
At its extreme, the desire to achieve victim status in this manner has fueled the phenomenon of fake hate crimes, through staging, blatant misrepresentation, or both....
Genuine hate crimes committed against any group are deplorable, but they must be placed in the proper context. First, hate crimes are uncommon across the board. Second, despite hyperbole about “anti-Muslim violence spiralling out of control in America” and producing “one of the most hostile moments that the Muslim American community has ever experienced,” the real story is the amazing tolerance and restraint of the American people. Imported Muslim fanatics murdered thousands on 9/11, the threat of homegrown jihad has crystallized, and Islamists abroad continue to slaughter innocents daily. Though Americans could find no lack of excuses to strike out at their Muslim neighbors, almost nobody does – and thankfully so. As such, the annual victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes average between three and four per U.S. state and would have trouble filling a decent-sized jetliner.
Many Americans take a critical view of Islam, but virtually all restrict their negative sentiments to the domain of words and ideas, as civilized human beings should. People are free to have opinions, including anti-Islamic ones, regardless of how Islamists long to muzzle them. Islamists, in turn, are entitled to their own opinions about life in America. But they are not entitled to their own facts.'
Read David J. Rusin's entire article here 


  1. I doubt even most of these claims of 'Islamophobia' are coming from Muslims themselves. Whereas screams and pouts from the non Muslim far left 'on their behalf' are nearly nonstop. The far left adopted this line of propaganda like a retarded child or a puppy that needed to be patronized and nano-managed because the far left believed it new best. The way half racist idiots like Peter Beinart assure us he knows better than Israelis what's best for Israel, the far left pushes the real life Muslim demographic aside and tells them they don't know only the far left waving the flag of Mother Government knows. And if American Muslim stands up and corrects him, what he or she called... a neocon aka a "Jew".

  2. OT
    Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Salem: "The West Produces Lies As Much as It Produces Technology"

    Flourishing Koranic study

  3. The number of incidents that are not reported is much higher for both Jews and Muslims in the US and in Europe. Still, I am willing to wager that even there the number of incidents directed at Jews are higher.

    The question is: what is the point of quantifying "hate" when all the numbers still have not resulted in ending it?

  4. Thanks for your comments, Trudy, Ian (will check out those links), and J.


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