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Friday 22 July 2011

Girl, Get Your Burkha On...

I don't normally post about militant Islam, unless there's an angle specifically to do with Jews and/or Israel, but this quotation from an extremist organisation which has launched a campaign for the so-called Islamic Emirates Project, in which neighbourhoods in twelve British cities would be turned into Sharia-only zones where British jurisprudence will not operate, made me splutter into my cornflakes:
'In the last 50 years, the United Kingdom has transformed beyond recognition. What was once a predominantly Christian country has now been overwhelmed by a rising Muslim population, which seeks to preserve its Islamic identity, and protect itself from the satanic values of the tyrannical British government.
There are now over 2.8 million Muslims living in the United Kingdom – which is a staggering 5% of the population – but in truth, it is more than just numbers, indeed the entire infrastructure of Britain is changing; Mosques, Islamic Schools, Shari'ah Courts and Muslim owned businesses, have now become an integral part of the British landscape.
In light of this glaring fact, Muslims Against Crusades have decided to launch "The Islamic Emirates Project," that will see high profile campaigns launch in Muslim enclaves all over Britain, with the objective to gradually transform Muslim communities into Islamic Emirates operating under Shari'ah law.
With several Islamic emirates already well established across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, we see this as a radical, but very realistic step in the heart of Western Europe, that will inshaa'allah (God willing), pave the way for the worldwide domination of Islam.'
If you have any old Marks and Spencer headscarves in the bottom of the chest of drawers, girls, don't throw 'em out ...

Read more, if you can bear to:


  1. Maybe it's a case of " give them enough rope ".

  2. I wonder how the Archdruid will react to the campaign! He rather liked the idea of Sharia in GB at one time.

  3. You have no idea what this does to me Daphne

    First of all I see what has happened to the East End, where I come from. Then I read about Dudley where my husband comes from and it makes me sick to the stomach.

    Now this today from 'auntie'. To you back home in the 'old country' that's the ABC, which is as much of an abomination as the BBC.

    Guarded Muslims 'halve census figures'

  4. Many Holocaust survivors in Oz are thought/known to hide/have hidden their religion from the Census too, Shirlee, fearing persecution at some later date if they gave too much away to officialdom. That's why demographers regard the Census figures as underreporting the number of Jews in Oz.

  5. Yes I am aware of that Daphne, but that no longer holds true, as they are getting pretty thin on the ground now.

  6. Pity John Howard is no longer PM!

  7. Madness, as in the UK - Australia tolerating polygamy:


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