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Monday 13 September 2010

A-Hava Nagila! An impromptu Israeli choir sings in Covent Garden

There she stood, on Saturday afternoon, one lone woman holding an Israeli flag, to counter-protest the baying bunch of usual suspects who were demonstrating their hatred as they do every fortnight outside the Ahava store in London's Covent Garden. I’ve blogged about these anti-Ahava protests before, but since I last posted on the topic the shopfront was vandalised by anti-Israel thugs who splattered it with red paint, now cleaned up by the store's staff.

Anyway, there the protesters were on the weekend – ranging from a young woman in keffiyeh chic to an elderly man in a sports jacket – to spew out their usual bile. Owing to this time of year for Jews, the numbers of counter-protesters were down, and the only Israeli flag was the one carried by the woman.

But suddenly, lo and behold, there came upon the scene a dozen Israeli tourists, who took the flag, waved it lustily, and sang Hatikva and other Hebrew songs – never has Hava Nagila (“Let Us Rejoice”) sounded better!

The baying bunch of anti-Israel fanatics stopped their cacophony of “Boycott Israel!” and turned to face these avenging angels – whom they insulted with cries of “Racist scum!”, “Leave Palestine!”, and (in mockery of Hava Nagila, “Ahava Landgrab”).

But the victory belonged to the impromptu Israeli choristers. Click onto Richard Millett’s Blog (see my blogroll) for an eyewitness account, photos, and video clips.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Daphne Anson. I was trying to work out what he was shouting to Hava Nagila!

  2. Always remember what the Lord said to Elijah. "I have 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal".

    And these days, we're not all Jews either!

    Every Blessing.

  3. Must be my young ears, Richard! ;~P

    Thank you, Ian.

  4. Daphne

    Seeing as to how we were chatting elsewhere, which Aime will probably object to !!!! I thought I'd pop in here and say G'day mate !!!

    I have to tell you that we have these idiots in Oz too now.

    Shalom from sunny Sydney

  5. G'day, Shirl. I'm from Melbourne myself.
    It's sometimes very hard to know another person's mood online, of course - whether they are tongue-in-cheek or what - and so many feuds start as a result. Try not to let it get you down. I had a truly nasty internet stalker for four years (not kidding!) - an extreme left Israel-hater who gave me Hell day in, day out. I'm surprised he hasn't discovered this blog!

  6. I think that Amie is quite serious, someone else is having a 'go' at her now.I have a very funny video, which all my South African friends have nearly split their side from laughing watching it. I get the impresion with her that she would take offence. !!

    Want Israel haters? Have a look at this.

    BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla

    It was set up in response to the Panorama programme about the Gaza flotilla. It is full of holes mind you.,

    I am also in receipt of a letter from a pro-Palestinian activist, which to say the least is deplorable. I am involved with something which I can't post here.

    I also had a guy harrassing me on Youtube with some truly delightful antisemitic comments. Fortunately there they can be blocked

  7. This was a very uplifting set of videos by Richard - well done to him.

    I may blog on this later myself.

    This was like watching life-affirming vibrant Israelis versus a miserable group of whingeing, negative, long-faced, useless, deluded fools.
    So much for the protest being about so-called illegal settlements. This is only about Israel.

    Am Yisrael chai!

  8. Shirl, thanks for the link. I never cease to be amazed by the crude antisemitic comments that get posted on YouTube - for instance when Mark Regev appears in one.

    Ray, yes, the contrast was striking!

  9. Ray I am with you "Am Yisroel chai"

  10. According to the ending of Shirl's youtube video she posted above the implication is that Israel and its friends control the BBC. These guys are desperate!

  11. Not the BBC that I watch and listen to!

  12. Richard you're quite right about people implying that Israel, Jews and its friends control the BBC. I see that all over the place.

    I find it so funny really, because the last thing you can say about the BBC, or the ABC in this country, is that normally, they are no where close to being pro-Israel.

    Mind you… of late out "auntie" as the ABC is affectionately known, does seem to be leaning a little more towards Israel. They did an interesting radio piece and interview about how Gaza is not starving and how much food is available.
    Yes Daphne...even Kerry O'Brien

    I blog on a number of non-Jewish sites. I'm lucky in that I don't have a blood pressure problem…those these people are likely to give me one !!

    More Jews and supporters of Israel should do that. Why do we spend time talking and arguing amongst ourselves, we need to be more pro-active and out there.?

    My husband always tells me to send emails on to people who don’t support us..
    I did that once and had some very rude replies. I do keep a separate email account with an alias, for that very reason.!! I receive a good supply of emails daily and often receive many email addresses.

    Any idea how I can stay logged in please?

  13. Yes, Shirl, I understand the ABC is not as bad as it used to be - probably because John Howard made some beneficial changes to its board.
    I'm told that even SBS is not quite as bad as it used to be.
    Sorry, Shirl, but I don't think you can stay logged in on this site, unlike WordPress (which I found too baffling to use as a novice blogger with limited cyberskills, so chose Blogger instead!)
    I hope the lack of log-in won't prevent you returning, though.

  14. Daphne.........

    SBS is as bad as it always was.

    No I will return. Nil desperandum !!My Latin has all but deserted me I'm afraid to say. Good English Public School education and all that !!

    Please call me Shirlee. I actually hate abbreviated names. I only used it, as it seemed more appropriate to be shortened as a screen name.

    I noticed Jonathan Hoffman on the other blog. I wonder if that's the Jonathan Hoffman, that I was put in contact with a few years ago by the JIDF?

    Just had a look and Amie is back again having a go at me !! I had a look at a link she posted and it appears that is her M.O all over the place !

    I don't have a problem with Word Press but do with this.

    I am trying something new and have no idea what I will show up as. Here goes from Shirl in Oz

  15. Yacov Ellis CEO of Ahava tries to dispel Stolen Beauty Boycott Ahava Campaign

  16. Shirlee, I too generally dislike shortened names, and am delighted to oblige!
    Jonathan's vice-chair of the Zionist Federation.

    Anon - thanks for the link.

  17. I've added a photo of some of the choir in action (taken from Cif Watch, which I hope won't mind my pilfering). What a joyous and attractive group the choir is! Good on 'em! And may they enjoy the rest of their holiday.


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