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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Can a Leopard Change its Spots? It's business as usual at Al Beeb!

The BBC’s unaccustomed fairness towards Israel exhibited in Jane Corbin’s “Death in the Med” episode of Panorama is not, unfortunately, being matched elsewhere by the Corporation, despite the impartiality that is demanded of it by its Charter and its Producers’ Guidelines and which  – as I mentioned a few days ago – is trumpeted by Evan Davis in his training video on the website of its College of Journalism. Al Beeb’s Middle East news service, overseen by the execrable Jeremy Bowen, appears to be continuing its time-honoured (or perhaps I should say "time-dishonoured') anti-Israel agenda.

Like Iran’s propaganda news channel (hat tip: mattpryor, commenting on Ray Cook’s blog on this subject over at the website) overt foes of Israel in the blogosphere have been getting as much mileage as they can out of an unfortunate incident involving an Israeli former soldier, Eden Aberjil. Back in civvy street, this young woman posted on Facebook an unsavoury photo of herself in uniform smiling into the camera while blindfolded and bound Palestinian prisoners are seated in the background; the photo (like one of its companions) makes uncomfortable viewing and reminds me vaguely of a certain genre of pornography, one in which women are most often the victims. Needless to say, Ms Aberjil’s distasteful action has been condemned as "shameful" by the IDF, which with good reason prides itself on being one of the most humane armies on earth.  It's not the fact that the prisoners are blindfolded and bound that's objectionable (at least not to all who trust that they must be security threats for the IDF to have dealt with them in that fashion) - it's Ms Aberjil's suggested sadistic enjoyment of their humiliation that's the problem.

On Facebook her photos have provoked strong reactions, including outbursts of naked antisemitism. Here’s a taste (I’ve removed surnames because I don’t want to invade the posters’ privacy). "Marc: They should boycot that country she represents. The only language these people know is the language of money and violence; Steven: hey..I agree...but it's pretty hard to boycott a country that's backed by the US; Róger: A typical jew in action; Róger [again]: Is that a jew woman? I guess so because of the gigantic nose. ; Róger [yet again] Jews: The root of all evil; Awais : wow what a fat ugly israeli whore!; Soleiman : typical Jew woman; Shakir : these isrealis need another holocaust to learn some lesson; Hashim : ugly trashy jew who needs a slap; Hogares: israeli occupation = nazi genocide!: Qerim: FUCK HER FAMILY FUCK HER LIFE FUCK HER FLAAG EVEN FUCK HER GRAVE FUCKING KHAFIR. IF THE PRISONERS WHERE NOT HAND CUFT SHE HAD PISSED IN HER PANTS LITTLE JEWISH BITCH I HOPE HER FAMILY DIES AND HER KIDS ALL HER FAMILY BE NANEN PIDH JA QIFSHA; Rahi: She deserves to go to Auschwitz; Shakir [again] : these isrealis are the worst creation on earth....they are the cause of all the wars in the first place....we want another holocaust on them...INSHALLAH; Shakir [yet again]: [He, a fellow poster] and his devilsh companions (zionist)...holocaust is on its way AGAIN for you prepared...."

In an indication that Al Beeb hasn’t changed its spots, the BBC’s Paul Wood, stationed in Jerusalem, has given his so-called “analysis” of the Aberjil incident on BBC News online, the most viewed news website in the world:
‘A great many young Israeli soldiers have photograph albums quite similar to Eden Aberjil's "The army: the best days of my life".
The only difference is that they do not post them on Facebook.
That explains her remark that she still did not "understand what was wrong" and the comment of Dr Ishai Menuchin of the Committee Against Torture in Israel that "she is a bad apple, but all the box are bad apples".
The IDF likes to think of itself as the most ethical army in the world and so condemned the photographs in strident terms. (They are also no fools when it comes to public relations).
For most young conscripts, and young Israelis who have completed their military service, I suspect the reaction will not be outrage but a simple shrug of the shoulders.’

This shabby piece of “analysis” ( from a reporter who’s by no means the most objectionable of the BBC’s correspondents ) really is quite reprehensible – but par for the course as far as Al Beeb is concerned.


  1. Some leopard - some spots!

    H/T Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

  2. The sooner the BBC license fee is abolished the better. Let's see these parasites earn their money from consumers instead of being handed it by conscripting every household in the UK!
    Herbert S.

  3. Yes, Daphers I was paraphrasing.

  4. Thanks, gentlemen.
    Obviously, having made my views clear several times on this blog, I agree with you, Herbert.
    Their subjective comments intruding into reportage is outrageous.
    This afternoon's planned demo by lefties and Islamists against that eminently fair Panorama gorogramme should be interesting - although it appears it's been scaled down, perhaps owing to police objections to a rally that was set to last all afternoon!

  5. This is from Jonathan Hoffman's blog on the JC.Com website:
    Today there are demonstrations all afternoon at BBC London, Manchester and Bristol to protest about the mostly excellent Panorama last Monday about the Gaza flotilla incident. The following letter was hand delivered to BBC TV Centre London by me and another activist during the protest there.
    I understand a similar letter is being delivered to BBC Manchester.

    For personal attention of Mark Thompson BBC Director-General


    22 August 2010

    Dear Mr Thompson
    We are not alone in wishing to place on the public record our view that Jane Corbin’s Panorama last Monday on the flotilla incident (“Death In The Med”) was for the most part balanced, well researched and well documented.
    It was not without fault – for example there could have been more exploration of the IHH and the footage of the activists singing “Khaybar Khaybar Al Yahud” before the departure of the ship could have been shown (this is a well known anti-Jewish chant).
    We are appalled that parts of the NUJ and Muslim activist organisations such as the Muslim Defence League have called for demonstrations in London, Bristol and Manchester today against the programme.
    This is evidence that these people are trying to persuade the UK media not to show the truth about Middle East conflict.
    We are equally appalled by their accusation that the BBC is biased in favour of Israel. They only have to look at the BBC Trust ruling against Jeremy Bowen to see that this is arrant nonsense.
    We deplore the personal attacks on Jane Corbin which include the accusation that she is somehow in the pay of the Zionist lobby. This is a worrying echo of the infamous antisemitic claims in the well known fraudulent tract “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
    We hope that if the BBC reports today’s hostile demonstrations, it also acknowledges that the programme has received positive reaction for fair coverage.


  7. This is from the BBC Editors' Blogs, 4 August 2010 - catch that last line: what arrogance from Al Beeb:
    Through the BBC Asian Network, we're also able to reflect and report the response among those in the UK with ties to Pakistan.
    Estimates suggest around a million people in the UK can trace their heritage to Pakistan - around 1.5% of the UK population, making it the second largest Pakistani population in the World - the same reason that Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari, has chosen Birmingham as the place to launch the political career of his son, Bilawal, this weekend.
    It's from Birmingham that the charity, Islamic Relief, is co-ordinating its appeal for Pakistan, as well as being part of the Disasters Emergency Committee.
    When others go home, the BBC team in Pakistan will remain on the ground, reporting on the relief operation, and following how the money raised is being spent.
    It's a vital part of ensuring accountability - part of the BBC's core public service, and why those of you in the UK pay the licence fee.


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