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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"Perniciously & Dishonestly": The anti-Israel bang of The Drum

Antony Loewenstein is a freelance Australian journalist who has made a name for himself, and a living, spewing propaganda against Israel.

Astonishingly, his book My Israel Question was published by no less a publishing house than the prestigious Melbourne University Press (MUP), headed by Louise Adler (who I believe is or has been a member of his Independent Australian Jewish Voices and is a frequent panellist on the leftwing ABC's answer to the leftwing BBC's Question Time, Q&A.)

"Astonishingly", because the book is a piece of political polemic, a diatribe, not a serious academic work, and in the world of academic publishing Down Under MUP is a leader indeed.

Even hard leftist anti-Zionist Jews condemned Mr Loewenstein's use of this image (featuring then prime minister Julia Gillard, a friend of Israel) on his website a few years ago.

Yesterday, Mr Loewenstein was a panellist on the ABC's The Drum, anchored by Ellen Fanning, which had a segment on "how Israel is reported on".

There was no attempt to balance the panel, and, worse, there was no attempt to explain to viewers that Loewenstein (a longtime favourite of the ABC) has form as a polemicist against Israel.
John Lyons of The Australian told viewers that "foreign correspondents in Israel censor themselves," and Loewenstein got stuck in to the "Israel lobby" which "perniciously and dishonestly" carries on its task. "Israel lobby bullying" soon became the theme of the segment, with Fanning making a half-hearted attempt to enquire about the "Palestinian lobby" before settling back and allowing the anti-Israel bias to continue.

How pernicious and dishonest of the ABC to include Mr Loewenstein on the panel with no counterbalance and no mention of his background as an anti-Israel polemicist.

The program can be viewed here, the segment in question starting around 18:55 

It should be protested.


  1. AND yet more on the lack of possibility of a a solution involving Jordan, our esteemed "partner in peace".

    This time, not from the Swami, but from Cardoza Prof. of Law Malvina Halberstam, Esq.

    In her article, published by the ZOA, she actually embraces a Jordanian solution in theory, whereby Israel would retain all strategic, historic and religious areas (I can't see whats left to cede) with  the remaining area forming a Palestinian State in federation with Jordan, or becoming part of Jordan.

    HOWEVER, she concludes with a realization of the facts [as I have been saying or writing] that "it is not likely to be acceptable to the Palestinian Authority and probably not to Jordan either".

    The FULL article is HERE:

    Read more:

  2. Nathan of Plaza26 July 2017 at 08:44

    If Israel really was an intolerant place for journalists it would have thrown reporters like Yolande Knell out years ago!

    1. Excellent point, Nathan. Israel even spared the little shmo Donnison a few years ago, and he really deserved to be booted out on his hindquarters.