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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Wisdom Of Weston On Modern Britain

Since my blog is principally concerned with matters directly affecting Israel, I don't very often stray into other areas, but a penetratingly accurate - if frightening - article by Paul Weston on the state of, and prospects for, modern Britain has struck such a chord with me that I just have to draw attention to it here.

This is a taste of what he writes:
'There are a very small number of people who have not been betrayed. The baby-boomer liberal intelligentsia have done very well out of the slow-motion Socialist revolution that has destroyed Britain, as have the super-rich, the politicians and the bankers, who now look to retain their gargantuan bonuses whilst simultaneously redirecting their debts onto the shoulders of the taxpayer.
But at the top of the pile sits Islam. Imported and appeased by politicians of all parties, Islam is the real winner here and is promoted as the religion of peace when it is clearly no such thing. Polygamy laws are ignored in order that Muslims may demographically destroy us, laws are introduced to curtail any criticism on pain of exhibiting “Islamophobia”, and money is directed toward them in order that they need not work to house their multiple wives and children even as they plan to overthrow us.
The rest of us, however — the war veterans, the elderly, the young, the new-born, the indigenous population, the non-Islamic immigrants, the middle-class, the working-class and the Christians — have been betrayed in our entirety.
At the risk of repeating myself, this is totally unacceptable and totally unsustainable. Liberalism’s useful idiots need to be made aware of the error of their ideology, whilst the hard-core Socialist Left must be made to understand that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, they will be tried before People’s Courts immediately after the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason.
If Britain is to survive the coming decades as a peaceful democracy, then we need to have a counter-revolution of the mind and a counter-revolutionary political party to effect radical change. No viable party currently exists in Britain, but to end this depressing article on a note of optimism, this matter is actively being addressed by a group of people, amongst whom I am proud to include myself.'
Read it all! But have a stiff drink handy.


  1. You're right abut needing a stiff drink. I'm not sure it's all that bad, but then I don't live in Britain (or Europe). I live in Australia, where I think MC has actually worked out pretty well.

    What do you think, Daphne? I don't like to think that being anti PC must mean going over to the likes of the EDL (who may have received more bad PR than they deserve) or the BNP.

  2. I'm hoping it's alarmist, Rob! The difference between Britain and Oz is that the former is small and overcrowded and that with membership of the EEC Britain lost control of its borders. The EDL do have a bad press - and I really don't know whether it's deserved or not - I suspect there are bad eggs of the National Front sort among them plus frightened and frustrated "decent sorts". There are "no go" areas in certain major cities - a young Hindu acquaintance told me what's happening in his city, how there are neighbourhoods there that are dangerous to walk through, and how even in the quiet town where he's a post-grad he was beaten in broad daylight by two passers-by when they realised he was Hindu.

  3. If Rob thinks that Multi-Culturalism can work out well, then, either it has not worked itself out or he is confused about it. Multi-Ethnic isn't usually a problem as long as all groups more or less adhere to the dominant culture and the dominant culture is fair and reasonable to everyone. Multi-Faith is more suspect but as long as the dominant faith is not undermined or threatened it can manage. So, generally, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Wiccans etc are mostly able to fit in. Jews, in a Judeo-Christian culture, are at risk from an ignorant Anti-Semitism that doen't realise that Judaism is an essential part of the culure. Atheistic Secular Humanism, Communism and Islam are intent on setting up very different cultures.

    Multi-Culturalism allows enclaves of very different cultures to exist cheek by jowl. It sounds very friendly, but it means that suddenly what was once home has become a foreign land and the natural-born citizen is now a stranger in his own land. Ask any Native North American, Aborigine, Maori or Englishman in Leicester, Bradford, Leeds, parts of Birmingham etc. etc. The key thing is that no-one every asks the natives if they want these changes.

    Add to that the destruction of the values that uphold family life, the disregard for life via abortion and euthanasia, the broken families, the assault on marriage, the assault on discipline, all of this is part of multi-culturalism. It's just a different was of doing society, is all. Except that it is not. Cultures are not colour. They are not genetic, they are choices and some are better than others. The best cultures are Judeo-Christian. Everyone wants to live in a Judeo-Christian culture, but can we dispense with the Judeo-Christian God and His annoying Commandments, please? Not without losing the Judeo-Christian culture and all its myriad freedoms and privileges.

  4. Thanks, Ian.
    The notion that all cultures are created equal so beloved of the politically correct is nonsense, as many downtrodden women can no doubt attest!