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Friday, 15 July 2011

Thanks, Mates, That's Bonzer!

Photograph by Sylvie Le Clezio: Source "The Australian"
I've just had my faith in the sound commonsense of at least a swathe of the great Aussie public restored by a number of comments on an online newspaper report about the "flytilla" visit of Greens ex-MP Sylvia Hale (pictured here, on the right of the photo, during their mutual odyssey along with fellow pro-Palestinian activist Vivienne Porzsolt, who was also detained at Ben-Gurion Airport but was released on bail following a successful appeal by two Israeli "human rights lawyers".).

Says one of the comments:
'These individuals are an absolute disgrace with their grandstanding tactics and wasteful expenditure. They would be well advised to spend their time and money on the people suffering from the horrendous effects of drought in Africa rather than on jousting at windmills in relation to the Palestinian issue - although members of the Palestinian fraternity in Gaza may not exactly be on easy street, they are in a much better space than the folks suffering from starvation as a result of the effects of the terrible drought conditions in Africa....'
 Says another:
'Maybe they should try their luck flying into Syria to protest the thousands of deaths going on there instead of Gaza and the West Bank which are busy building new shopping malls and luxury hotels. I doubt whether their reception will be as "friendly" as $410 bail.'
Others are less polite, but no less valid for that:
'Ratbags, sticking their noses into another country's business.Typical of a wacky Green. Absolutely no idea about how the world works outside LA LA Land.'
 'Deport her by all means... but please, not back to Australia.'
But expect more fun and games (and maximum publicity) ahead.  In Green Left Weekly Pip Hinman, another anti-Israel stalwart, quotes Vivienne Porzsolt as saying:
"We are concerned that the Minister of the Interior is trying to subvert the decision of the court by making it practically impossible for us to go to the West Bank. It would mean that the Occupied Palestinian Territories really don't have a separate status from Israel under Israeli law. But if it means we have 48 hours to get into the West Bank and then apply for another Israeli visa when we come back, that would be great.
But, if it means we do have 48 hours to get into the West Bank and then apply for another Israeli visa when we come back, that would be great.
Anyone may now go to Israel and then request entry to the West Bank. We anticipate possibly thousands of people availing themselves of the opportunity, and wonder just how the Israeli authorities will deal with that!"


  1. Can you hear me screaming??

    That Porzsolt woman makes my skin crawl. I sat through a number of her speeches at Marrickville Council wishing I had an Uzi!!

    I swear if I'd had one, I'd have used it. Grrh!!!