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Thursday, 7 July 2011

South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority Upholds "False Propaganda" Against Israel

This past February, in support of the South African Artists Against Apartheid collective, the lead guitarist of a British dance band touring South Africa broadcast  a message on a well-known South African radio station:
"Hi, I'm Dave Randall from Faithless. Twenty years ago I would not have played in apartheid South Africa; today I refuse to play in Israel. Be on the right side of history. Don't entertain apartheid. Join the international boycott of Israel. I support"

Not surprisingly, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) complained to the country's Adbertising Standards Authority (ASA), pointing out that the assertion that that Israel is an apartheid state is "untrue, not supported by any evidence... and contains a lie which amounts to false propaganda" and seeking a ruling that the radio station apologise for broadcasting the piece.

The entire complaint has just been dismissed, provoking predictable jubilation from anti-Israel elements in South Africa.

Says a spokesman for the SA Artists Against Apartheid collective:
"The ASA decision is significant due to our own history of Apartheid. The decision sends a clear message to the Zionist lobby that the time has come for an end to the baseless accusations of "discrimination" and "hate speech" whenever criticism of Israel is voiced. Calling Israel an Apartheid state is legitimate because Israel practices Apartheid. The boycott of such an oppressive regime should be supported as it was in our own Anti-Apartheid freedom struggle."
 A spokeswoman for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Working Group states:
"This is the second major boycott of Israel decision coming from South Africa in less than six months. The first being the historic decision by the University of Johannesburg to sever its Israeli ties. The boycott of Israel campaign is the new Anti-Apartheid Movement, and its growing rapidly."
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Truly, the Devil's Decade of the 1930s has returned.


  1. Everyone forgets that the great hero of South Africa Nelson Mandela was a friend and supporter of Mummar Quaddfi, whom he refused to disavow after he became President. Why any Jew stayed in South Africa after that is beyond me. Moreover why is anyone surprised by what is happening in SA today. Their main heroes Mandela and Tutu are virulent antisemites.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Mandela.
    Tutu really is appalling.

  3. At the height of his popularity, Tutu was booked to speak to a big rally in Birmingham UK. An ecumenical choir and band were formed. Scouts were sent out and I was one of those asked to play. Although only a strummer on guitar, my style was - and is, very blues oriented.I prayed, and our church prayed, about our putative involvement. In the end , we declined feeling that there was something not quite right.

    The rally failed and the organisers were left in debt. It ruined the church career of an otherwise good man who had been dazzled by the reputation of Desmond Tutu.

    It left me with a feeling of doubt. Events have proved that doubt to be true.

  4. Most intriguing, Ian. Many thanks!

  5. this is awful! when are Faithless playing in the UK next i wonder.

  6. "Calling Israel an Apartheid state is legitimate because Israel practices Apartheid."

    Really? Is that reasoned and insightful riposte all that they could come up with? Let us consult the argument Pyramid to see how well this comment performs.

    *Contraditction: States the opposing case with little or no supporting evidence* At best.

    Essentially, an equivalent argument would be my saying: "South Africa is a Stalinist Dictatorship because South Africa is a Stalinist Dictatorship." Patently untrue,but somehow given veracity because of repetition.


  7. Totally agree with Independent Patriot. Thanks for the post, Daphne, these are more useless idiots looking for some fame; I have never heard of them!

  8. Independant Patriot said: "Their main heroes Mandela and Tutu are virulent antisemites."

    Tutu oooooooozes this fake bonhomie and I always distrusted him, a hunch that was so often confirmed until his support for the most cynical attacks on Jewish people by the local Greens took away the last little glimmer of guilt I felt for my not liking him.

    As to Saint Mendala - somehow I always thought he just is "toooooo good to be real". It's the first time I read this about him. In a weird way I am nearly grateful for his anti-semitism, because it proves once more to me, that one should not try and silence one's gut-feelings.

  9. Thanks for the further comments ...

  10. Tutu's a squeaky voiced little t***t. Always hiding behind his dog collar. He had a lot of Jewish support to help the downfall of true apartheid, and this is how he repays it.
    I have read recently that there is a backlash from decent Black people who have actualy experienced apartheid, condeming the term when used against Israel.

  11. Steve, some black students in the USA have condemned the term when applied to Israel. I posted about this somewhere on here.
    Of course, calling Israel an apartheid state trivialises true apartheid as practised in South Africa - strange that Tutu and Co can't see that!

  12. this whole world is totally under the propaganda..its not just about isreal...from media we are not getting real face rather than giving us false hopes and fake faces.

  13. It doesn't trivialise South African apartheid; it shows how far to the right Israel is leaning. Only jews can vote, just likew only whites could vote in SA. Tutu and Mandela both won the Nobel Peace prize, calling him names and questioning his voice is hardly progressive and purely vitriolic ands racist. Israel was good friends with the apartheid government, swapping military hardware and information. Seems like they learned more than just that. How can you not see this hypocrisy?