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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

For The Flotilla, Freedom's Just Another Word For Hatred Of The Jews ...

Professor Ruth Wisse of Harvard University pulls no punches in calling the flotilla the "kill-the-Jews flotilla".  But there's much more in this important and interesting interview with Professor Wisse. The video, in which she gives her expert opinion on the Arabs versus Israel, and on antisemitism, is well worth watching (or, rather, listening to) all the way through.

This lighthearted commentary on the flotilla has been  posted on many blogs already, but I can't resist following suit:


  1. hadn't seen the humourous vid. love it. thanks. will watch the professor's clip later on.

  2. Hi, Richard. The great thing about the prof's vid is that there's nothing to watch, just to listen to, so you don't have to remain on the page.

  3. Richard Millett said it for me. And Daphne answered it. So, off I go to "listen" to someone who is worth listening to alone for coining: "Killing-the-Jews-Flotilla" which I shall shamelessly plagarise. That video is delightful!! and it works because of sharp Irony, wit, and good music. I have listened to it already 4 times and am not finished with it yet. Thank you Daphne!

  4. I have now listened to Professor Ruth Wisse's interview. Thanks for posting it, Daphne! The best analysis of anti-Semitism I have come across!! I now rake my brain how I can distribute that, since very few people will take 1/2 hour to listen to high quality. I think it should be obligatory listening on every campus in the world in general, and in the jew-hating Greens dominated Australian Senate in particular. Senator Lee Rhiannon, the main pusher behind the Australian anti-Semites that have boarded the "kill-the-Jews-flotilla" should be kept in solitary confinement until she has listened to this 100 times at least!.