Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Australian Jewish Leaders Condemn Propagandistic Play

Being a well-brought up gal (and also very conscious of the old adage that "pride has a fall") I hate to boast and am not very fond of boastful types.

Nevertheless I'm quietly chuffed that in my blogging career I've had a couple of scoops, so that my keyboard warfare has not been entirely wasted!

One, happening to spot and screen-grab Stephen Sizer's despicable 9/11 tweet shortly after it was posted and sending it to the London  Jewish News after the Jewish Chronicle (caught inexplicably napping) in effect told me "Thanks but no thanks".

The rest, of course, thanks to the British Board of Deputies' current excellent president, is history!

Two, bringing this propagandistic play that's on the current VCE curriculum to readers' attention, having, to my amazement, failed to find any mention (much less condemnation) of it in the expected sources.

Now, The Age newspaper has picked up the story, owing to the admirable Dr Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission in Victoria expressing real and justified concerns.

Needless to say, the Israel-bashers are mounting a counter-attack, including some from, or linked with, a frightful group of leftist as-a-Jews that I won't bother to name.


  1. Can I go on?
    The prevalence of pologamy, women unable to appear in public without a male relative, women and girls having no say over relationships, women sacked, threatened and sometimes murdered for speaking out against oppression, women required to obey instructions of sons and brothers. ..
    And on and on and on

    Surely VCE will require these matters be addressed ?
    They are far too important for a state education system to simply ignore.

  2. As the play depicts a love story set in Gaza no doubt the VCE with instruct teachers to provide context such as the prevalence of female genital mutilation, honour killings, marriages aranged at birth by the men, child brides required to marry middle-aged men, women threatened with beheading for not wearing sacks over their heads, unable to drive or ride a moter bike

  3. I sent Dr Abramovich my 7 April post on the play and two further links, and he then very ably followed up the case, receiving heaps of publicity as a result. But he has never credited my blog nor will he allow any reference to my blog breaking this story on his Facebook page. I posted onto his Facebook page my Elder of Ziyon blog about this case, which praises Dr A, as he seems to be mentioning all the articles which have mentioned him, but that was removed too and when I asked why (I had to ask twice, btw) I received a sternly worded message from him. That's gratitude for you!


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