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Monday, 13 October 2014

Islamophobia: "That is the new McCarthyism coming to us from the Left"

".... The burqa, I point out, is not some creepy disguise like the red cloak worn by the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood but simply an item of clothing adopted by women of a culture no less loving than ours." [Emphasis added]
That, evidently, is what a female columnist  (writing in the pap middle section of yesterday's (Sunday's) issue of an Aussie newspaper) tells her kids.

It's all very comforting for the kids, I'm sure, along with the assurance that "terrorists boasting that they are the voice of Islam is the same as the White Witch claiming she is the Queen of Narnia", but it sure pulls a grill over their eyes.

The comment annoyed me more than it probably should, for this is a columnist of whom I've never heard before (I bought the paper in which she appears only for its TV guide), but female apologists for the degrading dungeon of a dress code that is the burqa do tend to stick in the craw.

As do the liberals and lefties of both genders who make asinine, jejune comments such as the observation in the cartoon pictured here, based on a nonsensical analogy that has been made ad nauseum all over the internet over the past couple of weeks, and which was the basis for a sign displayed outside at least one well-meaning if naive Australian church at a time when anti-terror raids,  arrests and heightened security are very much in the news.

So I was pleased to discover this morning, Australian time, the typically forthright remarks made at the weekend by Professor Phyllis Chesler, in which, inter alia, she describes the burqa as an "ambulatory isolation chamber body bag" and also has some unpolitically correct remarks about what that 'culture no less loving than ours" (to quote the columnist cited above).

Asserts Phyllis Chesler:
'That is the new McCarthyism coming to us from the Left. Because the minute you want to have a rational realistic conversation about Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism, Islamic apartheid, conversion by the sword, [the] history of slavery, which still exists in many Muslim countries, then what happens is a liberal and a leftist feels that, and they’re true believers, they believe you are then a racist and an Islamophobe” she said.
Dr. Chesler then rebutted the notion that there is widespread Islamophobia in America, stating “interestingly enough, the FBI in 2012 tells us that the hate crimes in America, 62.4% were against Jews, they were anti-Semitic, and guess how many hate crimes against Muslims in America? 11.6%. So, this Islamophobia is McCarthyism, and it’s a way of silencing the conversation which Americans must have now.”
After seeing a clip of Harvard students arguing that America is a bigger threat to the US than ISIS, she declared “this is how Obama thinks, this is how Harvard thinks, it’s how Ben Affleck thinks.” 
She concluded, “Remember, the barbarism that I endured and witnessed [and described in her book An American Bride in Kabul, an excerpt of which can be read here] wasn’t caused by foreign intervention. It’s indigenous to the region, and by barbarism, I mean living under Sharia Law, which, and many Muslims in recent polls want to live under Sharia Law.”'
To return to the situation in Australia, have a look at the great Andrew Bolt's very recent offering here, in which he  notes:
" .... the ABC’s Encounter program asks:
 Does Islam need a Caliphate? The extravagant brutality of the IS group in Syria and Iraq has Muslims worldwide saying that if this is the restored Caliphate, we want no part of it. But what about the idea of a “proper” pan-Islamic polity, established and run according to Koranic principles? How might it work – and how likely is it to happen? This week we look at the past, present and possible future of the Caliphate.
Hey, another platform for Hizb ut-Tahrir, which refuses to condemn the Islamic State, preaches Jew hatred, calls for the destruction of Israel and tells the West is at war with Islam. None of that stuff is mentioned, of course.  Still, it’s nice to hear Hizb ut-Tahrir ensure us that establishing a world-wide caliphate “does not necessarily mean war”. We could just surrender peacefully, I guess.
Other certain negatives of living under a caliphate are not mentioned either. A Jewish or Yazidi guest might have helped there."
 On ISIS, see an interesting item here

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  1. It seems they want it both ways...terrorism is imaginary and fear of terrorism is racist. Maybe it really IS time to pull back on maintaining civil order and let the law of the jungle prevail. I bet the Islamic maniacs will suddenly become less imaginary.


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