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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Antisemitism: Stephen Sizer speaks out

See Jewish Chronicle: click HERE
As is clearly evident (see, for example, the Jewish Chronicle here and here) certain sections of the British Left, especially Corbynistas, are despicably opposed to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's Definition of Antisemitism.

To quote Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush:
"The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism is endorsed by the Jewish community in the UK and across Europe.
In the UK it is also supported by the government, the Labour Party and the National Union of Students – among many other bodies.
It beggars belief that anyone ... would want to dictate to Jews what constitutes antisemitic abuse against them."
A day or two ago on social media a follower of the Peacemaker Mediators' CEO asks him a question.  To which the ex-vicar, a Corbynista in case you didn't know, made an obtuse yet predictable reply:

Seems promising, this comment of Sizer's:

Until we reflect on the sting in the tail.  His ex-Reverence is one of the "Likers" of this comment in response:

And he's one of the four Likes for Hugh Walker's comment "... nobody likes exceptionalism":

The ex-vicar must surely feel it's reasonable to suspect of antisemitism someone who posts links to articles which claim that Israel was responsible for 9/11.

Nu, Mr Sizer?

How about those who, like Press TV  presenter Yvonne Ridley, talk of Israel's "dark arts" (an abominable phrase that conjures up medieval accusations that Jews poisoned wells and murdered Christian children at Passover) yet is apparently liked by Baroness Tonge, one of Sizer's Press TV and Peacemaker Mediators buddies.

 Anything you'd like to add in the way of enlightenment, Mr Sizer?

Nah. I guess not.

How about those who bear false witness against the aims of Zionism, like your friend Cozzens?  A contemptible bunch?

Silly me!  A redundant question on my part, as this old post of yours reveals:

And the economic cudgel against the Jewish State?

BDS is, in fact, as US Senator Chuck Schumer observed recently, just a repackaging of an old hatred:
'Antisemitism is a word that has been used throughout history when Jewish people are judged and measured by one standard and the rest by another.
When everyone else was allowed to farm and Jews could not; when anyone else could live in Moscow and Jews could not; when others could become academics or tradesmen and Jews could not,” he said. “The word to describe all of these acts is antisemitism. So it is with anti-Zionism; the idea that all other peoples can seek and defend their right to self-determination but Jews cannot; that other nations have a right to exist, but the Jewish state of Israel does not.
The global BDS movement is a deeply biased campaign that I would say, in similar words to Mr. [Emmanuel] Macron, is a "reinvented form of antisemitism" because it seeks to impose boycotts on Israel and not on any other nation.'
Stephen Sizer, this is not the first time you have advocated a single state to replace the legally constituted sovereign state of Israel.  Do not be surprised to find this extraordinary advocacy labelled antisemitism.  Once again, your lack of sympathy, of empathy, for the Jews of Israel, seems predicated on prejudice if not malice, and this blatant lack of objectivity gives the lie to any claim that your so-called Peacemaker Mediators as anything but a biased and mischievous body.

How can a body already blindly prejudiced against one side in a dispute "mediate" a just solution?

It is both a sad and a laughable presumption.

Finally, I draw to your attention, Mr Sizer, this article by Moshe Arens, in which Arens tells us baldly
"The leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, whose battle cry is 'Al-Aqsa is in danger,' is the one most responsible for the current spate of violence"
 It's none other that Raed Salah whom Arens characterises as "Israel's inciter-in-chief"

Another of your anti-Israel chums from way back, eh, ex-vicar?

Deep sigh.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Not a wonderful advertisement for the integrity of Peacemaker Mediators, is it?

Certainly it's not calculated to make Israel ever entrust your mob with negotiations for a "peace settlement"!


  1. Daphne. Good article & full of sarcasm!
    But, whose counting (especially in regard to these anti-semitic a-holes).

    1. I suppose many Jews expect nothing better from Christian clerics than antisemitism, Noah. But the reprensible company this one keeps on social media is astonishing. And how any clergyman can support his Pracemaker Mediators when he has posted such things as he has is truly appalling.

  2. Not all Christian clerics, as even among Christians, his writings and statements have been condemned.

  3. On par with Sizer, or even worse, are Jeremy Ben-Ami, Rabbi Guy Austrian (from Down Under) and spouse Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen, Rabbi Deborah Waxman and of course Rabbi Rick Jacobs (brother in crime with the aforemention nJeremy BEn-Ami), without which no such list of self-haters would be complete.

    HERE ( the despicable Rabi Jill Jacobs turns a ("a sweet moment" with her daughter) into an attack on Zionism with her obtuse claim in the next sentence that "Elad (aka. Ir David Foundation) exists in order to move Jewish settlers into Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, so as to establish facts on the ground that will obstruct any peace agreement".

    So while she is against her own peoples right to resetle our ancient and historic homeland, she fully supports Linda Sarsours attacks on Jews and Israel.

  4. That was a reply to your penultimate comment. I will have to acquaint myself with the people you mention in your last. Thanks.

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