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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

David Singer: United Nations Must Militarily Confront Islamic State and Al-Nusra

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin’s assumption of the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council for October could have a lightning rod effect on the Security Council finally authorising military action against Islamic State and Al Nusra under article 42 of the UN Charter.

Both terrorist organisations have been the subject of many unanimous Security Council resolutions declaring them to be a threat to world peace and security – but all such resolutions have stopped short of authorising military action.

American-Russian relations are in a precarious and highly volatile situation today due to:
* the collapse of the ceasefire in Syria negotiated between America and Russia, 
* America’s decision to call off further negotiations with Russia on reinstating the ceasefire 
* President Putin signing a decree suspending a Russia-US deal on plutonium disposal – blaming hostile US actions
* America and Russia engaging in a vitriolic diplomatic war shaming each other for the humanitarian disaster in Aleppo as Russian-backed Government forces and American-backed rebel forces battle for supremacy at horrendous cost to the civilian population caught in the crossfire.
Churkin [pictured] has been afforded a world stage to justify Russia’s actions in Syria during regular media conferences that will be held by him as President of the Security Council. Churkin was quick to grab that opportunity on 4 October – as this official UN record reveals:
“He (Churkin) was not aware of plans for further discussions between United States Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Federation Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, and did not know the result of discussions between the two countries during the last few hours. The nature of their differences was overdramatized. He hoped cooperation on Syria could be resumed.
He could not accept unilateral steps such as grounding of airplanes.
Al-Nusrah had moved to Aleppo and was keeping the civilian population hostage. He wanted as close cooperation with the United States as possible in fighting Al-Nusrah. Had it not been for Russian involvement, [Islamic State] black flags could now be flying over Damascus. There were 3,500 fighters in eastern Aleppo, of which 2,000 were Al-Nusrah, based on Russian intelligence. The rest were scattered in different groups. ISIL was not there.” 
White House spokesman Josh Earnest reportedly said US policy would continue to give priority to the fight against jihadi groups in Syria. 
“With regard to US options, we obviously have been very focused on countering ISIL [Isis] and other extremist groups that are using the chaos in Syria as a safe haven to plot and carry out attacks” 
Both Russia and America have previously expressed their willingness to involve the Security Council in defeating Islamic State and al-Nusra. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made this clear on 18 November last:
“The Security Council needs to give preferential attention to the task of creating a solid legal foundation for the fight against this evil [Islamic State] and for the mobilization of an actual global coalition in response to this common uncompromising challenge for us all.”
President Obama preached a similar mantra in St Petersburg on 6 September 2013:
“And I respect those who are concerned about setting precedents of action outside of a U.N. Security Council resolution. I would greatly prefer working through multilateral channels and through the United Nations to get this done.” 
Given the commonality of the positions of both America and Russia as reflected above – the possibility looms large that during Russia’s October presidency of the Security Council – Russia and America could co-sponsor a draft resolution to the Security Council authorising military action against Islamic State and al-Nusra.

October could indeed be make or break month for Syria.


  1. This is an absurd point. All through the 1960s, 70s and 80s the CCCP stirred up violence all over the developing in what eventually came to be called "Third Worldism". The purpose of this was to tie down the west in trying to do what the west thinks it should do 'manage things' and alleviate suffering. Millions were slaughtered in the prosecution of this objective. There is nothing to suggest that Putin has any other goal now. The point is that Putin sees the world strictly in terms of Russia and his own narrow parochial interests. If it serves his interest to butcher another few hundred thousand Syrians then a few hundred thousand Syrians get massacred.

    One has to examine what would motivate Russia to change direction on this. Basically a 'what's in it for me?' type deal. So what is in Russia's interest. I don't think America has the foggiest clue what that is. American foreign policy has always had a stink of patronizing attitude. America typically thinks it can spend its way to success. Bribery doesn't really work with the Russia though because they play a much longer game than we do. So the question remains is how to get them to move. They don't care about making friends, they don't care about Syrians, and after century they are astute at playing a weak hand better than anyone.

    1. Russia has publicly made the offer to America to get the Security Council to authorise military action against Islamic State. This can happen if they both co-sponsor a resolution to do so since the other three pemanent members would be extremely unlikely to veto such a resolution.

      Why Obama and Kerry don't grab this lifeline is testament to their complete failure to grasp the political realities that the Middle East represents.

      Whilst they refuse to do so they are preventing any possible hope of ending the conflict in Syria and the carnage and suffering of its civilian population.

      Not exactly the kind of legacy I imagine that Obama and Kerry would like to leave.

      If Russia is playing a weak hand then call Russia's bluff and get down to drafting that joint resolution without further delay.

    by Mr. Cohen

    If Israel wants peace and security and respect from the nations of the world, then it must become bigger, not smaller.

    If Israel wants peace and security and respect from the nations of the world, then it must take complete control of all these: the entire West Bank, all of Gaza, all of Sinai, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, and all of Jordan.

    And if Israel took complete control of the Suez Canal, then if would receive even more peace and security and respect from the nations of the world.

    Muslims and Arabs respect strength, not weakness. In the minds of Muslims and Arabs, eagerness to negotiate for peace is misinterpreted as weakness and guilt, and compromise is misinterpreted as shame and humiliation.

    The skinny weakling can only prevent the bully from attacking him by becoming bigger and stronger, not by becoming smaller and weaker.

    Like Charles Atlas said: “In seven days, I can make you a man.”

  3. Why did you omit Egypt?

    Your ideas are outrageous.

    Why stop?

    Why not take over the world?

    Such thoughts fuel the Jew-hatred that is so endemic on the internet. Is that the reason you make them Mr Anonymous?

    They have nothing to do with the subject matter of my article.

    In two words - get lost.